The school administers First Aid only. In case of illness, the student will be cared for until the parent arrives or he/she is returned to the classroom. In case of minor injury, attention will be given and the student will be returned to class. In case of major injury, first aid will be given, and the parent will be immediately notified. Be sure to keep us up-to-date on telephone numbers! Under no circumstances will prescription medication be given to anyone without a physician's order and an Authorization for Medication Form. These authorization forms are available in the clinic. Tablets will be counted and the number recorded for everyone's information.


Medicated shampoo must be used, all nits removed before a child can return to school. Before returning to the classroom, the child must be checked by the clinic nurse or school designee. Please accompany your child to the school clinic when returning to school. The district policy states that students will only be excused up to 4 days when diagnosed with lice.