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Dear Lawton Chiles Elementary School Family,
To say that I feel Lawton Chiles Elementary is a special place is an understatement; indeed, Lawton Chiles Elementary School is very much like home. This feeling is one that is due entirely to the people who fill this building every day—from its teachers to its students, from its staff to its parents. It is with great joy that I now have the opportunity to continue to serve this school that I love as your proud principal.  

My years in education have afforded me varied experiences at multiple levels of education, pre-kindergarten through high school.  Experience has taught me that only by working together can meaningful change ever occur. Our school success is dependent on collaboration and support from various stakeholders. I look forward to working together, as the Lawton Chiles Elementary School Community, we can continue to increase our areas of strength and develop our areas of growth.  

As the previous Assistant Principal of Lawton Chiles Elementary School for the past three years,  I am proud of the high expectation for academic excellence we have established. Working together, I know that we will be able to build upon this history and, in the process, provide a world-class education for our students. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of students, parents, and education professionals. I look forward to the wonderful things that we will be able to accomplish together as we create enriching and diverse paths to lead all of our students to success!

Principal, Erin Willis

Principal, Ms. Erin Willis


- Please click the following links to access the Lawton Chiles Elementary Family Guide in English and Spanish. In this guide, you will find useful information and answers to frequently asked questions.
- We will have a school store this year!  To help raise money for the merchandise that will be in the store, we are selling t-shirts. Use this link to purchase a LCE t-shirt and support the opening of our school store:

School Hours: 8:45 am-3:00 pm (2:00 pm on Wednesdays)
First bell rings at 8:35am, Late bell at 8:45am
Office Hours: 7:30 am-4:30 pm


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